10 Reasons We Love Winter in Noosa

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There is nothing quite like winter in Noosa? Warm enough to swim and laze on the sand, and cool enough to indulge in some stylish knitwear.

Here at aromas we decided to put together a list of our favourite reasons we love Noosa just as much in winter, as we do in summer!

  1. You can still swim as the water is warm and doesn’t catch up with the air until September
  2. The days are shorter, but the sunshine is even more amazing
  3. The temperature is in the Goldilocks Zone – not too hot or cold
  4. Queensland-grown citrus is worth waiting for
  5. Hot chocolates in the middle of the day
  6. Main Beach and Hastings Street are not as busy
  7. The cool light breeze in the mornings is so fresh
  8. Maybe we are just romantics, but the sky feels bluer and the grass looks greener
  9. Red wine, and even better, mulled red wine
  10. The winter produce from Maravista Farm, which inspires our seasonal menu.

Do you have anything to add about what makes Noosa so magical in winter? Share in the comments.