Introducing the Hastings Blend

Aromas Noosa has partnered with award-winning Australian barista Tim Adams to produce a blend of coffee perfect for the Noosa lifestyle.

The Hastings Blend is a coffee made for slow mornings with your toes in the sand, after a run in the national park, over cake with friends, and to be the anchor in your afternoon.

As with everything we do, sustainability is key, and our partnership with Tim ensures this ethos is continued into our coffee. Tim Adams is known for his premium-quality, ethically-sourced blends, and regularly visits the farms and communities who produce the beans.

When creating the Hastings Blend, we knew it had to be something special – to create the best coffee in Noosa!

The perfect drop of Noosa coffee

The Hastings Blend is used in all our milk-based coffees and is a combination of beans from three farms in Columbia and Brazil. Ethically sourced, naturally dried and expertly roasted here on the Sunshine Coast.

The Hastings Blend has a flavour that feels like home, with a unique Noosa coffee feel. It features a rich chocolate truffle flavour with tones of candied citrus and orange, as well as characteristics of marzipan.

These three beans have been blended to create a balance of depth and sweetness, just waiting for the addition of creamy milk.

Blend Origins

Brazil California 

Region:  Parana

Varietal:  Catuai Peaberry 

Altitude:  800 masl

Processing:  Natural 

Brazil Serra Negra

Region:  Minas geras

Varietal:  Yellow Bourbon 

Altitude:  1,000 – 1,200 masl

Processing:  Natural  

Colombia Gran Galope 

Region:  Cauca

Varietal:  Castillo

Altitude:  1,700 masl

Processing:  Wet Process 

Coffee Training and Machines

The perfect coffee blend requires the work of an expert barista. Aromas Noosa baristas have been trained in the nuances of bringing out the best of these beans into every cup.

From preparation, temperature and timing, each member of our coffee team has a passion for creating a coffee that delivers on flavour, consistency and satisfaction every time.

Aromas Noosa is serious about providing the best coffee in Noosa and to do that we need the right machines. Aromas Noosa is stocked with three sleek Sanremo Café Racers all featuring programmable cup-heater temperature, electronic pre-infusion and pressure switch sensors.

To read more about the Café Racers, head over to our blog.