Nestled in the Noosa Hinterland, Maravista Farm is our culinary garden of organic, locally grown produce for the Ogilvie Group venues which include RickysLocale Noosa, and Wood Fire Grill.

Boasting beautiful fertile land, rolling hills, more than 20,000 macadamia trees, vegetable, citrus, micro herb and honey production, as well as a herd of Nindooinbah Ultra Black cattle, Maravista Farm inspires Aromas’ seasonal menus and our chefs work directly with the farmers to grow fresh, rare and hard to find produce.

Through Maravista Farm, The Ogilvie Group aims to create something that truly celebrates food provenance from start to finish in the food life cycle. All produce grown is heirloom variety and farmed via natural practices.

Healthy soil is a priority and is developed using compost made from the vegetable waste and coffee grinds from the Ogilvie Group restaurants, completing the circle from pasture to plate.

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