Aromas is the Heart of Hastings Street.

For near 30 years Aromas Noosa has shone brightly as the grand old lady of Hastings Street. We started without a kitchen, serving only sandwiches and coffee before adding just one breakfast dish – scrambled eggs!

As our menu expanded so did our seating, and we increased our iconic street-facing tables which opened up the restaurant.

Jump to present day and Aromas Noosa is a Hastings Street institution offering diversity from sunrise to evening. Our iconic street-facing tables remain, and we now boast a beautiful bar and terrace inspired by lazy afternoons on the Cote D’Azur.

Our seasonal menus are inspired by produce grown at the Ogilvie Group’s property Maravista Farm, as well as simple, fresh flavours perfect on a Noosa holiday.

Join us for an early breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner or cocktails and create your own Aromas moments.

Aromas Menus